Frequently Asked Questions

What is an advanced event gateway?

Qala’s event gateway is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that gives you a feature rich yet simple mechanism for the end to end management of your event, consumer and webhook notifications. 

Let your valuable engineering resources work on solving problems unique to your product. Leverage Qala for your webhook and event infrastructure to ensure deliverability, reliability, security, and scalability. Not only does this remove the cognitive pressure on engineering staff but it also encourages business users to easily leverage your data events. End-users are able to quickly understand the context and value of your events empowering them to create their own journeys and personalized user experiences.

Within minutes you can configure a subscription and have data flowing to one or many endpoints. The best part? You don’t need to maintain the service or worry about security and scalability as your business grows.

Yes, we understand how important notification services are to your business and our professional and enterprise plans come with dedicated srevice level agreements. Our free plan is perfect for development or low production environments but some limitations apply on this plan.

For developer, QA and low throughput production systems our free service is ideal. However, if you require higher throughput or dedicated support levels see our pricing page or contact us to discuss a  commercial plan that suits your needs.