Advanced event gateway for your applications

Advanced event gateway for your applications

Go live in minutes and save valuable development hours for code that really matters

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Discover some of our standard features

Easy Integration

Configure via our user friendly portal or simple JSON Rest API

Multi-Tenancy Ready

Efficiently handle multiple client environments and tenancy configurations

Full Event Management

Review and replay events for complete visibility

Dynamic Topic Management

Allow users to easily register for multiple events across topics and subscriptions

Retry Capability

Smart retry functionality to ensure critical notifications are delivered

Event Context

Allow subscribers to easily understand available events and identify what is important to them

Real Time Monitoring

Monitor subscriber endpoints in real-time

Dynamic Scenario Testing

Quickly test mock scenarios to reduce deployment cycles

Embeddable Portal

Easily embed components so your clients can get going quickly and easily manage their own subscriptions

Security By Design

Benefit from industry best practice privacy and design principles

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Quick to Begin

Our solution is designed to reduce time to deploy, not add it.

The Benefits

Discover some of the benefits of using our platform.

Define, deliver and manage events and notifications via a single platform

Benefit from industry best practice, security and reliability

Empower teams and your clients to effortlessly manage their event subscriptions with embeddable components

Free up valuable engineering resources and eliminate the need to build, manage and maintain your own internal service

Embrace the power of efficient connectivity with Q-Flow – your partner in notification management.